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Secure your Surrounding with the Peace of Mind.

  • With increasing spread of businesses, it has become difficult to monitor our infrastructure manually. Right from inventory management, processes, visitors, thefts or any other unwanted activities. Moreover, many premises operate 24 X 7 making it more difficult to manage the overall monitoring.
  • Intelligent business comes in handy with the one stop shop for security solutions for all needs of a business entity.
  • Our state of the art CCTV solutions will help you, monitor any premises from anywhere without your physical presence. You can view & check all the activities at your important facilities from your PC, Laptop or phone with internet connectivity making it possible for you to control from anywhere in the world round the clock.
  • Intelligent business not only provides you cameras to monitor your premises but it also gives you an option to record all the activities & maintain a record of videos over a period of time. This helps you detect any kind of suspicious activity or theft, which further comes to your notice.
  • Centralized control room with bigger display wall can help in monitoring premises with lesser admin/security staff.
  • Intelligent business - Secured door controls also help you to restrict access to your premises by any unauthorized personnel making it possible to monitor movement of people into the premises.

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