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Simplified and Powerful Collaboration of Voice, Video and Mobile.

Businesses can now transform the way their workforce collaborates with the help of IP platforms from Avaya. You can manage all voice, video and mobile experiences on any device with the help of our IP solutions. These IP platforms offer flexible configurations for changing business environments and provide an integrated solution that includes security, video, collaboration software and multichannel contact centers. Also, they are cost effective since they demand a lower investment, reduce power consumption and need minimal maintenance.

IP platform:
Avaya IP Platform enables seamless association of mobile and distributed workforce. It provides high quality voice and video experience on any device with the freedom of mobility. You can manage virtualized software on minimalistic hardware requirements with high user friendliness to support a large number of users at a great value. It is capable of hybrid integration of analogue, digital and IP phones, thereby allowing up gradation of existing Infrastructure.

IP phones:
Avaya IP phones can bring about positive changes to the way your business works. These phones are packed with features including a touchscreen to quickly access web-based applications, calendars, menus and mails. They also assure high quality voice calls, conference-calling facilities along with instant and voice messaging. These phones are well equipped with superior acoustics, which reduce background noise and enhance voice quality, making it feel like a real conversation. They also use 40-60% less energy compared to other phones. Our wide range of desktop phones ensures that employees have all the functionality they need for executing their daily tasks easily. The attractive and contemporary design is an added bonus to the technology and productivity features of the phone.

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