Control & Automation

Control & Automation

Let's Control Energy Consumption.

Plus Business Machines Ltd. empowers 21st century intelligent homes that breathe innovation, create simplification and regulate power consumption. Our technology assists you in controlling your electricity, gas and water consumption and managing the temperatures in all rooms of your home. By managing electricity load, you can save up to 30% of energy and by monitoring consumption, you can avoid almost 10% of wastage. You can also check the air-conditioning consumption through our one-touch controls.

Smart usage of technology can lead to exceptional savings.

Let's enjoy life, hassle-free!

Established with advanced technology and sustainable outputs, our home automation solutions add value to smart living. Your lifestyle at home can be enhanced simply by integrating all your functions on a single device. All our automation features are flexible and easy-to-expand, which means that you can always add new fixtures and blend them seamlessly in your smart device.

Live in an intelligent home that makes you proud. One that understands you, appreciates you and is in sync with every mood you're in. Live in a smarter home, powered by Plus Business Machines Ltd.

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