AV Integration Accessories

Backbone of the Intelligent Business

AV solutions with multiple solutions need different accessories to complete the turnkey solution. Some of the common accessories are as follows:

  • High definition recording and streaming solution enables you to store your video presentations including content, audio and video; meetings; classroom lectures; product demos; medical procedures; seminars; training sessions and much more.
  • Keep all your meeting records secure and safe to streamline, and manage the documentation for future references.
  • It also allows you to stream the recorded content to multiple users. High definition recording are also available to record the video calls.

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  • Embedded push buttons help in zooming the camera on person speaking during a video conference call.
  • Show my PC buttons help in projecting computer by any person with touch of a button in front of him.
  • External mute buttons can be used for embedded microphones, which do not have built-in mute option.

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  • Effective lighting solution is essential part of any AV facility as right amount of light ensures best visual output during presentations, videoconferences etc.
  • Light Dimmers are available for all types of light fittings such as halogens, fluorescent, LED lights, etc.

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  • Room Scheduler is another very useful facility management tool, which helps in streaming room-booking system where several rooms need to be managed by the facility team.
  • It helps in booking the rooms by individual users on web browser or email based solution, which also shows the availability status of the rooms.
  • Room scheduler display is mounted outside the room & it shows meeting schedule for the day in the room. If the room is free to use, one can book the room from display itself.

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    Every adapter ring starts with Liberty's patent-pending tensile aircraft strength ring & clamp. This locks on the HDMI cable that connects to the display and allows you to keep all different adapters for different mobile devices right at your fingertips.

    Standard and pigtail versions of adapters are available. You just need to select the types of adapters you want in your ring and 'search' to locate their part number to order them. These adapter rings are customizable for your convenience. Choose the adapters that will suit your requirements and create your own ring.

    Features and Benefits

  • Security loop with faux ferrite and 4 adapters to HDMI
  • DisplayPort Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • Mini DisplayPort Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • Mini HDMI (C) Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack(Female)
  • Micro HDMI (D) Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • DVI-D Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • DisplayPort adapters support audio
  • Faux ferrite and wire loop - attach to HDMI cable
  • 2 sizes of foam rubber spacers, standard and micro cable
  • Applications

  • Adapting various mobile content devices to HDMI
  • Interfacing Laptops, Macs, iPad, Smartphone to HDMI
  • Boardroom, Education, House of Worship, Presentations

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