Applied Audio

Sound Meeting Remedy !

  • Applied Audio is the key to effective communication and an integral part of any audio-visual facility.
  • A simple PC based conferencing to room based professional conferencing application or PA system to audio re-enforcement application; every word needs to be heard clearly.
  • Wired & wireless conferencing solutions as standalone units, integrated systems or installed systems or installed solutions with digital signal processors cater to wide range of requirements.
  • Wireless audio solutions are used in unified communications, enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications including audio/videoconferencing.
  • These microphone systems offer unmatched audio quality & mobility that allows participants to move around and speak, without being held back by wires.
  • Wired solutions consist of product, which can meet wide range of applications involving web conferencing for individual to a group of people in a small conference room.
  • Audio conference phones are available for a small meeting room to mid-sized rooms.
  • Integrated audio conference units for small to mid-sized rooms come as complete solution with speakers, dialer & have capability to integrate with VC systems. Audio/video conference solutions with several microphones can be built with digital signal processors for large conference rooms.

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